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Functional, lightweight, and versatile fashion

Featuring an interior zipper pocket for added organization

Protect your items from unwanted moisture and spills with our water-resistant packs, made from a unique material that is super soft to the touch

It’s the everyday go-to bag for on the go travelers, fitness enthusiasts, and fashion lovers alike

Popular uses: toiletries + wet bathing suits + sweaty gym clothes + packaged snacks + office supplies + electronic chargers + children’s small toys + diapers + wipes and more

Measurements: 11” x 9”

Mini Pack HI LOVE
Featuring interior credit card slots for added organization and padding to protect your cell phone and sunglasses

Popular uses: makeup + mask + phone + chargers + passport + pencil case + stylish wallet + sunglasses + lip gloss + medication + bandaids + baby supplies and more

Measurements: 7.5” x 4”

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