Choosing the Right Active Wear for You

Choosing the Right Active Wear for You

Making and sticking with the commitment to exercise and workout takes dedication and the ability to find comfort and joy in the experience. Wearing good-looking activewear that is designed for the rigors of exercising is essential to an effective exercise routine.


Key Elements for Choosing Right Active Wear for You

When you are shopping for fitness fashion, everyone is different and has different needs depending on your level of experience and the specific types of exercise and workouts you participate in.


Free Movement

Exercising, working out, and running is all about movement! When exercising, you will need to move without restrictions.


Let Your Body Breathe

Your exercise clothing should provide ample support and allow your body to breathe while moving through your workout regimen.


Second Skin

The ideal workout clothes are the ones you cannot even feel are on you. It should feel like you have a second covering of skin to give you optimal flexibility and movement throughout your workout.


Avoid Wearing Cotton

Cotton absorbs and holds moisture, and takes a long time to dry when it gets wet. When working out, doing yoga, or going for a run, wearing cotton activewear will take in your sweat, weigh you down, and increase the risk of getting sick if you are active in a wet garment during colder temperatures.


What Kind of Active Wear is Best for You?

The choices you make for activewear can have a significant impact on the effectiveness, comfort, and enjoyment of your workouts. The following are some basic guidelines to follow when choosing various elements of your exercise clothing.


Workout Tops, Bottoms

When exercising inside, you will want to put on activewear made from lightweight synthetic fabrics that allow maximum movement and are resistant to moisture, such as the Varley Leggings available at Mighty Aphrodity.


Outdoor Activity Layering

If you choose to get in a workout in the great outdoors, it is important to layer properly to keep your body warm, yet allow for maximum movement and flexibility. Tight-fitting sweat-wicking tops and leggings or long johns under a Good Hyouman sweatshirt and Lauren Moshi sweatpants will keep you moving without bogging you down, and allow taking layers off if it warms up on your run.



Proper footwear is a key to staying healthy and injury-free when working out, and your socks are an important element. Dress for the season, wearing thick socks in the winter for outdoor exercising, and lightweight socks for indoor and summer routines.


Why Choose Mighty Aphrodity?

Our team of professionals creates an ideal in-store shopping experience or provides an online catalog of high-quality activewear for women on the go who treat exercise as a top priority but don't have time to stop by the store. Whether you are just starting in the gym or are a fitness veteran, Mighty Aphrodity has what you are looking for.


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