Spring Clothing Pieces to Have for 2020

Spring Clothing Pieces to Have for 2020

Winter has begun to thaw, and it will not be long before the flowers bloom and the grass turns green with warmer temperatures on the way. That means the fashion industry is rolling out the new spring clothing trends on runways all over the world. Activewear available from the fitness clothing specialists at Mighty Aphrodity also keeps up with the latest trends to make sure you look stylish while you work out.

The following are some of the top spring clothing trends for 2020 and the activewear available from Mighty Aphrodity that follows these trends.


1. Stripes

When it comes to fashion trends, pinstripes come and pinstripes go. They are back this Spring and will be seen on smart pantsuits and other formal and business wear. Stripes can also be found in a variety of activewear options, including sharp Beach Riot sporty leggings and tops.


2. Throwing Back to the 1970s

Disco is back. At least in the form of wide, showy collars that will be popping up on everything from party dresses to stylish business suits. From tie-dyed tops and pants to peace and love imagery, the Lauren Moshi clothing line of activewear or any piece of LNA clothing available at Mighty Aphrodity will have you longing for the days of the Bee Gees and ABBA.


3. Floral Prints

The 70s vibe will be seen in a variety of forms, including floral prints and colorful patterns that defined the disco decade. Brighter colors and floral patterns will also pop up on exercise and workout clothing. The line of Hi Love Travel and Beach Riot fitness wear available at Mighty Aphrodity offers several color options with floral and other dynamic prints.


4. Opposites Attract

For those fashionistas who prefer the basics instead of the flash, this Spring will see many fashion designs that stick to the yin and yang of the black-and-white look. In addition to the printed and brightly colored active and workout clothing, Mighty Aphrodity has many Beach Riot activewear options that feature black and white, simplistic designs and patterns so you can focus on your workout and not worry about your color schemes.


5. Bra-Tops

After years of the crop top cropping into the Spring and Summer fashion, this Spring will take it to the next level with a wide range of options for bra-tops for casual and even more formal wear. That is just fine with the fitness crowd always looking for maximum comfort and style, and they can find it with Beach Riot activewear bra tops.


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